The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...



The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

At Centered Within Yoga, our goal is to help students find a holistic path to healing. We offer programs suited to best meet the needs of all types of students, regardless of age, physical ability, or any injuries or health conditions they may have.

We offer special therapeutic programs with highly trained instructors that help injured students learn to heal from a wide variety impairments in a natural, drug free way. Our methods are gentle, patient, and highly effective. Holistic wellness is not something that happens strictly on a physical level, but rather is something that occurs when our mental and emotional energies are in balance with our physical body. We utilize movement, deep stretching, strengthening, breathing techniques and meditation to help balance and harmonize mind, body, and spirit.

Group Yoga Classes

Our group class setting is private, spacious, and relaxing. We offer a variety of class types designed to meet the needs of students at all levels. From gentle classes designed for healing and relaxation all the way up to vigorous strengthening classes, we have something for everyone. Our instructors will make sure that each student in the class gets the attention they need to improve their alignment and learn how to work with their body to achieve their individual goals.

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Private Yoga Lessons

There are many reasons students attend private lessons. If you are too injured to attend a regular class, we have special yoga therapists trained to help you in a gentle, assisted, one on one lesson. Alignment analysis, work on specific injuries or trouble areas, or just the chance to relax and enjoy the benefits of assisted stretching. Whatever your reason, a private lesson is the ultimate, individualized wellness experience!

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Workshops / Retreats

We offer an ongoing and ever changing range of workshops and retreats. Our workshops cover a variety of topics from yoga for healing specific ailments, to meditation, to nutrition and Raw Food classes. Our workshops offer a wonderful way to take your practice and your health to the next level! We also offer special retreats which allow you to get away and recharge your body, mind, and spirit with an ultimate wellness holiday.

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Our studio is private, tranquil, and beautiful

Our studio is private, tranquil, and beautiful

Not just a place to heal but a community.

Centered Within Yoga is a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and join in a community of wellness, acceptance, and support. We offer a variety of yoga programs suited to meet the needs of any students, regardless of their yoga experience, physical abilities, or injuries.  Through the correct principles of alignment, breath control, asana (postures), and relaxation techniques, we endeavour to help our students achieve a state of complete balance and union of mind, body and spirit. 

Gandhi made an amazing statement when he asked us all to “be the change we wish to see in the world.”

 If we are living in a manner which is stressed, tired, and ill, then this is the reality that we are bringing forth into the world. Yoga offers an amazingly effective and holistic method of healing which has been refined over thousands of years of practice, however, it’s benefits grow far beyond just physical affects. As we find balance within ourselves, we begin to find a state of being which is peaceful, compassionate and full of energy and understanding. Although this type of change begins on a personal level, it contributes in the most effective way to the state of our community as a whole.

Our Team

Our Team

Erin Jacob


Erin Jacob has been studying yoga for over 15 years, and founded Centered Within Yoga in 2008.  She found her yogic path after sustaining a complex and debilitating injury. After searching for help in numerous medical and holistic practices, she found therapeutic yoga and with it the capacity to heal despite the gloomy prognosis of all she had seen.  This amazing recovery inspired her to seek out training near and far to help her learn how to share these healing gifts with others in need.

Erin is an E-RYT500 with a specialty in Therapeutic Care. She has treated hundreds of students with a wide range of injuries and health conditions, and has found her true purpose in teaching others about the healing powers which exist inherently within us all!

Rachel Jacob


Rachel Jacob is a kind healing soul who hasn't written her bio yet.  

Why don't you tell her how awesome she is and that maybe she should write her bio.


Here's what one of our amazing community members wrote for us in response to Rachel's lack of bio on our website. Thank you Ann for acknowledging how awesome Rachel is!

Rachel’s yoga practice takes students on a journey to the strength and intelligence that is hidden deep within them.

During her guided yoga poses, students feel their minds clearing and their bodies relaxing

She helps students listen to their bodies and thank their bodies for all the wonderful things they do for them each day.

By her concluding “Namaste”, students have gone beyond body and mind, and feel a spiritual connection, and a lightness that frees them from the weight of the outside world. 


Ann Hoy