Join us for this fun and informative detox journey!!

Feb. 1st - 7th, 2015

Want to give it a try but afraid you won't have time to prep the correct foods you need for the week? Don't worry, Raw Food Master Chef Kristina Jacob will be taking pre-orders to prepare you some amazing options for this wellness challenge! You might be amazed to see exactly how delicious raw food can really be! Scroll down to see the menu options we have prepared!

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Why is detoxing your body so important?

Over time, our bodies start to build up toxins and waste by-product that gets stuck in our systems. Why? Because we eat multiple times per day but the majority of people only eliminate waste once a day. Even with moderately healthy diets, a lot of matter gets left behind. The digestive system, especially the colon, becomes clogged from eating meat, dairy, bread, processed foods, sweets and bad fats.

Once our intestines are coated by waste, they can no longer do their job to completely digest, absorb, and process the nutrients that pass through. If food cannot pass easily through the intestines, it causes even more matter to collect throughout the digestive system, creating a toxic breeding ground for many different types of bugs, viruses, bad bacteria and disease. A body can then begin to lose it’s immune system health and develop illnesses, become cramped or constipated, gain weight and become depressed.

Does eating a raw food diet work as a detox?

The hormones, artificial flavourings and colouring, preservatives, and chemicals that go into processed foods and commercial meats and dairy are the main culprits of unwanted toxins collecting in the body. The liver takes these toxins that are in the food and create bigger and badder toxins. Eating a diet of at least 75% fresh, whole, raw, vegan, unprocessed, unaltered, sugar free foods is the best way to safely flush out our bodies. A toxin free body sets the ideal groundwork for healthy function in all of our internal systems.


What to expect during a Raw Food detox:

Remember that the first 3-5 days can be somewhat uncomfortable for most people. Shorter or longer for others. The good news is that if you experience any negative symptoms, it shows that your body WANTS to rid itself of its pollutants. Symptoms show that your body is trying to take this opportunity with you to flush out anything bad. It is important to be in the right frame of mind when beginning your challenge. Accept that you may get uncomfortable or grumpy over the next 7 days as your body forces unwanted toxins and matter from your body. It will be worth it!

Symptoms will vary from health to health level. Possible symptoms may include: cold or hot flashes, low fever and night sweats, headaches, diarrhea and upset stomach, cravings for junk foods, strange tastes, bad breath, a bitter tongue, mucus discharges, emotional releases of all varieties, coughing or cold symptoms, drowsiness / loss of energy, nausea, muscle and joint aches, unclear thinking, weight loss, dark and fragrant urine, skin related issues.

It is usually at about day 6 that people begin to notice a drastic shift in the opposite direction. Every one of those symptoms begin to reverse themselves and you start to notice how WELL your stomach feels, how much energy you have, how you no longer crave addictive processed foods, etc. Your body will begin to crave the items you’ve been feeding it, knowing how strong and balanced it is growing. By the end of the detox it is common to notice weight loss, increased vitality, better sleeping, and emotional and mental balance.

Detox and Weight Loss

Excess toxins in the body are stored in fat cells. This is our bodies way of trying to protect us from the negative impacts these toxins create in our bodies. When we exercise and burn off fat cells, these toxins are released back into our bloodstream again. However, if we do not have an effective way of removing these toxins, our body will simply create new fat cells to again house these harmful substances. This is a common source of frustration for people trying to lose weight, as they put forth a huge effort in energy and willpower to complete an exercise routine, only to find no real effect on their weight.

If we take the time to properly remove the toxins out of our body through detox, we find that our body no longer needs these excess fat cells and will readily let them go, making our weight loss efforts far more effective!

What is Raw Food?

Simply put, it's alive! Raw food is food that is in it's natural, whole, unprocessed, unrefined and unaltered living state. It is whole food from nature eaten in its natural state: raw (as in uncooked), vegan, dairy/wheat/sugar free. It cannot come above 110 Deg F, which is the temperature that cells die in humans and foods and you lose the majority of nutritional benefits.

Raw eating includes home grown sprouted grains, seeds nuts and beans, vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, fermented preparations, dehydrated foods and some really great desserts! When you bite into a raw fruit or vegetable you are experiencing the full potential of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in one compact package. There is no nutritional loss caused by the heat of cooking nor loss of water soluble vitamins and minerals. If you are using organic produce, it is mostly free of chemicals, colour dyes or preservatives.

Come and participate in Kristina’s latest class to learn more about WHY to go Raw and how to prepare delicious, filling and satisfying foods which are completely healthful and conducive to detoxing your body!



Need a little help preparing food for the week?

No problem! You can place an order through Raw Food Master Chef Kristina Jacob to make this journey more delicious and easy!


Raw Vegan Items for Sale (all Organic ingredients):


Spouted & Dehydrated Super Granola

With living enzymes, sprouted nuts and seeds, dried fruits, cardamon, this is the best granola EVER!

3 cups (9-12 servings) - $20.00


Choco-Coco-Nana Yoghurt

A fermented yoghurt with probiotics, made from fresh young coconuts, bananas and raw cacao powder. Tastes like dessert, but it's actually breakfast!

4 cups (8 servings) - $20.00


Walnut Taco Meat

This order is for the taco meat only. It consists of walnuts made to look, taste and feel like taco spiced meat. Wrap it up in a lettuce or cabbage leag with some fresh salsa, guacamole and veggies, and you have the most delicious raw tacos ever!'

 cups (12 servings) - $20.00


Tempered Superfood Chocolates

Who said you can't enjoy chocolate on a detox? These raw, vegan, sugar free and preservative free dark salted chocolates are high in anti-oxidants and will really benefit your detox process!

25 chocolates - $20.00


*Taxes included on all prices

*Orders must be placed and pre-paid by Sunday, January 25th - ready for pick up on Sunday February 1st at the 203rd Centered Within Yoga Studio between 3-5pm. Delivery available within Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows for a $5.00 charge. Deliveries will be made between 5-7pm on Sunday February 1st (a cooler may be left out if you are not going to be home).

Orders can be placed by email to:

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