Core & Joint Strength, Inversions, Acro-Yoga

Every Monday & Wednesday - 6:30 - 8:00 am


Join Jim Heppner and Erin Jacob 2 mornings a week for a class that will make exercise feel like play time


Warm up every day with circulating series of exercises to strengthen all parts of your core, and to create stabality and strength through your joints.

Next we'll have some fun with inversions. Headstands, handstands, and forearm stands are all options we work through. New to inversions? Neck or shoulder injuries? Fears of the mysterious upside down? Don't worry, we can offer beginner friendly prep poses to help build the strength and stamina to get you safely upside down at your own pace. 

Now that we're nice and warm, time for some Acro Yoga! This is a partner based practice with a 'flyer,' a 'base,' and a 'spotter.' It helps to build incredible strength in the body, an increased awareness in the nervous system, and a deep sense of trust and communication. You'll laugh so hard through this part you won't even realize that your core is going to be sore tomorrow! 


$10 drop-in per class

Please note that this class runs seperately from our regular monthly yoga passes, and the additional $10 drop-in will apply.