Therapeutic Yoga with a Twist

Revitalize your system with  pure Essential Oils and Yoga

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Experience the combined power of Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Yoga! Join us for this revolutionary new class series which will explore the rejuvenation of our bodies most vital internal systems. Pairing specific essential oil blends with targeted yoga asana, these classes will revitalize your body from the inside out!

Many of us have heard of the amazing benefits of yoga, however, most people don’t realize exactly how targeted these poses can be. Typically we think of yoga as a system addressing the musculature of the body, but there are also many yogic asana (poses) that are geared to target the function of our internal systems and organs. When our organs and systems are functioning at their peak performance, it is easy to maintain a body that radiates health and wellness from the inside out!

These classes run on a four week cycle, covering four different topics of inner wellness. The essential oils in each class have been specially blended for this series and are all ethically traded, therapeutic grade essential oils. They contain no perfumes or synthetic substances, and are designed to have a positive  effect on the systems of the body being targeted. We use a combination of diffuser oils (which are ionized directly into the air), with topical use oils blends (applied directly onto the skin). 

These classes do not need to be attended in a particular order, and we run different class topics on the classes running within the same week. You can feel free to drop by any time and enjoy some of the most important therapeutic topics of yoga!

Yoga for the Immune and Lymphatic Systems

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The Immune System is made up of many special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs which defend against germs, viruses and bacteria. Our immune response attacks the invaders which cause illness and disease within the body. Many people don’t realize that the Lymphatic System (which deals with toxin removal) is actually part of the Immune System as well, and thus is also a main target of this class. The functions of the Immune System and Lymphatic System are amazingly complex with many components working together simotaneusly to fight off invaders and cleanse the body. When the glands, organs, and cells of these systems are functioning in union and harmony, we experience not only the ability to ward off unwanted flus and colds, but also the benefit of the increased energy and vitality that comes with a debree free internal environment.

In this class we will take the body on full detox to remove unwanted invaders and toxins, while stimulating, massaging, and stretching all of the organs and glands that govern these two vital systems.

Yoga for the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

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The Respiratory System is one of the most vital systems in the body. It is composed of the lungs, the bronchial tube, the nose, and the air passages (larynx, pharynx, and trachea). It is mainly responsible in supplying oxygen to the cells of the body, and also for the removal of carbon dioxide from within the body. Interestingly, it is also actually the Respiratory System which allows us to speak. It’s fairly evident the importance of this system, because if we don’t breathe, we die! The average person takes about 25000 breaths every day. Healthy lungs take in about a half litre of air 12-15 times every minute, and ALL of the blood in the body is passed through the lungs once every minute! The breath is also the only function in the body which can be controlled either consciously or unconsciously. If we aren’t thinking about it, our breath doesn’t cease to flow, but if we focus on it we can change the rate and depth of the breath at any time. The more we practice ‘conscious’ breathing, the more we can start to set a pattern of the breath that is deep and healthy. A deep slow breath is like an instant switch to turn off the production of our stress hormones, and to activate the division of the nervous system which controls healing and repair throughout the entire body. Oxygen is the key ingredient of healing and relaxation within the body. However, bringing all of this oxygen into the body is only half of the process. From here, it is the health of our cardiovascular system which determines how well that oxygen is distributedThe cardiovascular system consists of the heart, blood vessels, and blood. It moves blood throughout the body, and it is this blood which contains the nutrients from the foods you eat, oxygen from the air you breathe, as well as the hormones and cells that fight infection. The blood also transports waste products to various places that then promptly remove the waste from the body. This makes our cardiovascular system the transport system which keeps our body functioning. All other functions in the body rely on the health of these two systems to maintain correct function, and to receive the supplies they need.

Learn to increase the oxygenation of your blood, while strengthening and toning the organs and muscles that support these vital systems.

The Digestive System

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The health of the digestive system is vital to the health of the body as a whole. Any inefficiencies through the digestive system create high levels of stress and toxicity throughout all of the systems of the body. Many illnesses begin in the digestive system. Impurities in our diets create a sticky, thick layer of rotting matter on the inside wall of the colon which creates the perfect breeding ground for many types of illnesses. On top of a gentle digestive detox, the poses covered in this class are highly recommended for preventing and improving a wide variety of digestive issues including IBS, Gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, indigestion and so on.  These poses are designed to massage the vital organs, remove waste substances and toxins, massage the digestive organs, and stimulate the digestive muscles to improve their peristalsis. 

As the digestive system improves in it's health and vitality, metabolism is increased, nutrient absorption improves, and we are left feeling confident and energized!

Stress, Anxiety, Headaches and Migraines


When we think of stress, anxiety, headaches, and migraines, they all have one thing in common, and that’s stress. Stress is the beginning point of many health conditions and illnesses, and not surprisingly, is the main contributing factor in most headaches and migraines. There is also another very common thing that these four topics all share in common, and that is neck and shoulder tension. When we experience stress we have a definite tendency to tense through our jaw and eyes, lift the shoulders, and tense the upper body. As we learn to relax the neck and shoulders, we are already fighting against the negative side effects of the stressors in our environment. In this class we will focus on techniques which will help ‘switch-off’ the stress-response in our nervous system, and give a healthy boost to the necessary hormones which allow us to feel calm, relaxed, and balanced.

As we learn to release the physical tension that feeds our neck and head, and as we learn to re-pattern our body's nervous system, we learn to relax and enjoy living in a healthy, pain free body!