Finding the time for yoga  can be challenging with young children!

At Playtime Yoga, you will learn ways to include your little one'(s) in your yoga practice. 

Laugh, bond, and care for your babe, while caring and tending to yourself with some well deserved time to restore.  

Every Monday - 1:30 -2:30 pm

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Join Amy McDonald for these fun and playful classes where we honor the day to day realities of life with our beautiful young children and babies. We adapt to our baby and the kind of day they are having. Maybe they fell asleep in the car seat (let them sleep) and you get a super relaxing yoga class. Or maybe they have learned how to crawl, walk, or run and you get to chase them around in downward facing dog! The practice of yoga teaches how to accept where we're at moment to moment, to go with the flow, and to embrace every experience at every stage of life, even when things get chaotic! 

 There will be different options given for everyone throughout the class. It all depends on how you and your kids are feeling. You can include them in the poses, but if they isn't interested, they can do their own thing and just play! There are alot of ways to continue your practice while your kids keep busy.

This class is open for everyone, whether you are the mom, dad, or grandparent! Since we expect to see many moms attending the class, we will create a focus on pelvis stabilization, core strengthening, pelvic floor balancing, along with some great stretching.

Kids and babies must be ages 0-3 to participate.

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About Amy MacDonald:

Amy is passionate towards helping people heal and connect with their body.  Besides yoga, Amy also loves dancing, musical theatre, and being a mom.

Amy trained with Erin in therapeutic yoga after receiving her 200hr yoga training in Nelson BC. She is still training and feels like she never wants to stop! Amy is enjoying every step along her path, and she is grateful for all of the beautiful teachers and students at Centered Within Yoga.

Drop in Rate: $10 per class 

(cash only please)

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