Sun. Nov. 25th, 2018


w/ Amy MacDonald


We all have a dancer inside of us. For some it may be hidden quite deeply...but now is your chance to find it, in a safe and loving environment that is free of judgment.

Join yoga and dance teacher Amy MacDonald, as we move n groove to songs from the 70s & 80s


Bringing in elements of yoga,

We start with a quick opening meditation, we use our breath throughout the class, we listen to our body, and we end with shavasana. Uniting together to laugh and simply have a good time.

There will be a gentle warm up before we dance, as we ease in nice and slow. We dance barefoot and stay mindful of our alignment and the health of our body throughout the class. 

We will all try our best to not over think how we dance. The dance steps are simple and they are just a guideline. We don't have to memorize any choreography. 

We get out of our head and into our body, letting our movement come more naturally. 

You can just copy each step as is....although, using your creativity by modifying and dancing freely will be encouraged.  Let go and let the movement flow through you! You might even end up singing to some of the familiar tunes....We let go of judgement entirely!!!

The main objective is to have fun, while exercising and connecting with your creative centre!

All ages, no dance skills required

Please email if you have any questions 


Investment in Yourself: $15.00

Location: West Studio at 5-20306 Dewdney Trunk Rd

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