New Karma Classes -Free Community Classes!!


 Karma Yoga class are a new development in our program at Centered Within Yoga. As many of you know, we have recently started our first Yoga Teacher Training Program. We’ve created a much more extensive outline, raising the standards of education available for new and existing teachers in a hope that we can expand our team and help spread our flavour of yoga to more people in more communities.

We are very proud to say that our teachers in training are ready to jump out of the nest and start teaching public classes! We feel confident in saying that their knowledge of biomechanics, alignment, and anatomy are all ready above the industry standard for 200 hour teachers, and we are excited to provide them with an opportunity to hone their skills and start working with real people and real bodies.

These classes will be offered free to the public as a service to our community, and as a means of ensuring that our next generation of teachers get the experience they need to become great teachers, ensuring this system of holistic healing is around to benefit many generations to come.


Saturdays 8:45 - 10:00 am - Karma Yoga - Gentle Hatha - EAST STUDIO

This class format is offering a movement based class which will help to lengthen and strengthen all areas of our body. Learn traditional pranayama (breathing techniques) and an approach to yoga which embodies alignment, awareness, balance into our practice and into our lives. These classes create a balance between positions of strength and effort, and positions of length and release. Please be sure to let your teacher know if you’re feeling any discomfort or struggling in certain positions, they are hear to tune their skills in helping you find the perfect position for your body!

If you are suffering from serious, acute, or chronic injuries or illnesses, please contact us before attending karma classes. In some cases, we may recommend seeing our senior teachers in advance. If you have feedback you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it! Please send your feedback to It is our policy to keep all feedback anonymous as we discuss them with our trainees. So if you’re sending in feedback and you would specifically like the teacher to know who sent it, please be sure to let us know!

Meet our Teacher Trainee Team:


Robin Kauhane:

Aloha, I am part Hawaiian, born and raised here in BC.  I have been Polynesian dancing and performing since I was 5 years old and started teaching dance 8 years ago.  I've always loved doing Yoga when my schedule permitted but got serious about my practice 3 years ago when I got injured and met Erin.  Therapeutic yoga has changed my life not only by healing my injuries, but also by allowing me to learn how to love myself inside and out. I’m excited and honored to join the Centered Within Yoga team and look forward to sharing all that I’ve learned with each one you!

P.J. Juneja:

Being born in India I feel Yoga is my heritage. Before moving to the United Kingdom I studied Yoga and learnt Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages in the world. It was in this language that the first teaching of yoga principles were written and practiced.

Life throws many challenges at us. For me, after many years of suffering with depression and anxiety, I rediscovered Yoga at Centered Within Yoga. I joined this studio 4 years ago, and since then have never looked back. I believe, for me, yoga is the journey of the spirit, and this has helped me overcome my personal challenges. And now my life has become a journey to help others. Practicing the principles of yoga is a way of life.

I was honored to be invited to enroll for teacher training with my gurus, Erin Jacob and Jen Kinsley last year.  Through the further study of Therapeutic Yoga, I hope to help others overcome their personal challenges, whether they be of body or mind.

I use meditation every day to focus my mind, creating calm and space. With gentle stretches, I keep my body healthy. My mission is now is to complete my teacher training program, with the guidance of my gurus and help others.  

Stillness is where magic happens!!


Kelly Swift:

I am honoured to be a member of the CWY Teacher Training Team and so pleased to be able to share the practice of Yoga with you. 

I developed a regular yoga practice a number of years ago and began a journey that transformed my life beyond what I had imagined was possible.  Therapeutic and Yin Yoga offered me a joyful and effective way to correct posture and mobility limitations that arose after years of working in a sedentary and high-stress environment, despite being an active trail runner outside of work.  Hatha and Acro Yoga further expanded my physical awareness, confidence, sense of joy, and understanding of the connection that these qualities have to our health and happiness.  Yoga has taught me that our human potential is unlimited, regardless of where each of us is beginning our journey from.  I look forward to sharing this exploration and adventure with you.

Brandilyn Willett:

Brandilyn’s love for yoga began when she finally found relief from chronic discomfort and pain due to scoliosis and postural misalignments.  Never having been an “athletic” person, she appreciated the strength, flexibility and endurance gained through yoga, in such an accessible way.  Her recovery from anxiety and panic, through yoga, meditation and mindfulness inspired Brandilyn to pursue teacher training.  Guiding the body and the breath, Brandilyn hopes to flow with others as they navigate their own paths towards an enhanced sense of calm, strength and wellbeing.


A Note from Erin Jacob in Closing:

When I first began my journey of Yoga Teacher Training, I had no intention of actually teaching yoga. My beloved teacher though stressed to each of us the importance of handing this knowledge down so that this system of healing is never lost. She did not ask a lot, but only that we each promise to take the knowledge she gave us and use it to help at least one person in our life time. This way, through her effort of teaching us, the total impact of affected lives would double, and this number would applify with each generation of teachers. It was through the teaching of free karma classes that I gain the experience and confidence needed to take on my very first therapeutic private lesson. She was the ‘one’ that I chose to spread my knowledge to, and the recovery she made physically, mentally, and emotionally changed the course of my life forever. To witness first hand the power of what I had learned through my schooling, and to see the difference I had made in this woman’s life, inspired me to change my path and to eventually open Centered Within Yoga. Although my teacher is now retired, I am so proud for her to see that her love and teachings have passed through me into an entire community, and I am very excited to take the next step forward and bring more yoga teachers into the world to light new torches (I’m not ready to pass mine on yet) and carry this message forward for future generations to enjoy! I would like to thank all of the students who attended my karma yoga classes 11 years ago, and would like to encourage all of our wonderful friends at Centered Within Yoga to join in this magical process and show the same level of support to our up and coming talent!