Move Healthier, Move Happier, Move MORE!!

Every Wednesday - 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Location: West Studio at 5-20306 Dewdney Trunk Rd


 Join Jim Heppner every Wednesday to explore this unique and versatile movement class. The health of our body overall depends not only on how each individual joint and part moves, but also on the relationship of how these parts move together as a whole, and how well our nervous system can coordinate, balance, and adapt during the many shapes we transition through every day. This class combines an understanding of biomechanics with a unique blend of movement patterns from yoga, martial arts, and traditional strengthening practices from around the globe. It provides a versatile program which will strengthen, lengthen, mobilize and coordinate all areas of your body.

As we learn to move and breathe together while exploring the diverse movement options available to the human body, we will learn to create healthier habits, happier tissues, and a more adaptive and responsive nervous system.

This class is open to all levels. If you have moderate to severe injuries please be sure to contact us before starting this class. For mild injuries, please be sure to let your instructor know so they can help you with adjustments that will keep you safe and moving in a forward direction!


Jim Heppner - RYT200, IMGKA 5th Degree Black Belt, Movement Specialist

Jim began his love of movement from an early age exploring numerous team sports, out door adventures, and many physical hobbies. Over 25 years ago he discovered traditional martial arts where he began to understand the need for more then just ‘going through the motions’ of mindless exercise. As he developed the ability to breathe and move together in new ways, he recognized incredible benefits to his focus, alertness, reaction time, and coordination. Five years ago Jim stopped resisting the powers of yoga and began his journey into Yoga Teacher Training. After 25 years of training in traditional martial arts, and 20 years married to Centered Within Yoga's own Erin Jacob, his progress and understanding in yoga developed quickly as he realized the many complementary benefits of how these movement practices worked together to inspire full body health. After completing his yoga certification he went on to achieve further certifications in Acro-Yoga, Rocket Yoga, and has now taken up the study of biomechanics and therapeutic repair. After many years of diligent study and dedicated practice, Jim is now ready to share the accumulation of all of his knowledge in a class inspired to help us do what we were born to do: MOVE!!