Start the New Year Right!

Detox Yoga and Meditation Workshop

Saturday January 13th, 2016

10:00 am - 12:00 am

After a busy season of shopping, eating, drinking, and merry making many of us finish up our year with a bang! However, after the craze of the holiday season it can be challenging to get ourselves back into a healthy, relaxed pattern again. Our systems have become flooded with the toxins, sugars, and fats that we have accumulated through all of those Christmas treats and drinks! Our minds have become rushed and stressed with the whirlwind of seasonal events and commitments! New Years can be one of the most challenging times to refocus on our health as the Xmas-excess has created a body and mind which is tired, toxic, drained.

This workshop will take your mind, body and spirit through a full detox. Yoga is well renowned for it's many effective techniques at removing toxins out of the tissues of the body and organs, cleansing the digestive system, and kick starting the immune system. We will pair these physical detox techniques with the wonderful benefits of mindful meditation to cleanse the mind and spirit, leaving behind the consumeristic tendencies of the season, and creating fresh intentions of wellness to carry us through our new year! 

This workshop will leave you feeling cleansed, motivated, and ready to achieve all of your 2015 goals!

Join Erin Jacob and Patty Bojczuk for this cleansing journey of rejuvenation. Learn the many benefits that yoga and mindful meditation will enhance into your year and your life!

Investment in Yourself:  $40.00

Only 20 spots available

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