Join us for this fun and supportive week of cleansing and wellness.

Get your new year started off right!

Feb. 1st - 7th, 2015

In only one year from today 90% of the cells in your body will be dead and replaced by 90% new living cellular matter. That's over 500 million new cells every single day! So where does all of the matter to make these new living cells come from? Think for a moment of everything you ate yesterday from the time you got up to the time you went to bed. All of that food is currently being converted into energy and matter within you as we speak! So the real question is, what are you building your new body out of? 

The food we eat makes an incredible difference in the way our bodies function. Join us this month as we explore some of the most critical topics when considering our wellness and our capacity to heal our body, mind and spirit. 

Let's all come together to make 2015 a year which promotes awareness, wellness, and radiant health within our community!

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