It's official!

We are half way through our Raw Food Challenge!

Many of you may have been noticing some 'effects' of the detox happening in your body. Side effects can range from BO to bad breath to excessive colon purging. Which brings me to a topic that gets no where near enough attention in our lives:


I mean, who doesn't love a good poop! The reality is that many of us consume processed foods that are very challenging to break down, require a lot of energy to process, and leave large amounts of toxic after debree in our system.

If we add an average amount of daily stress on top of this, the problem is far compounded. When our Sympathetic Nervous System (or stress response) activates it virtually shuts down the digestive system to free up some much needed emergency energy. Now the food inside of us is not being moved and processed at the rate it should be and it begins to rot inside of our guts. We actually don't even pull nutrients out of our food while our stress response is active! This now rotting fecal matter begins to leech toxins into our system, while the decaying food begins to stick to the walls of the colon. I know! Gross right? That's part of what we are detoxing out right now

So this brings me to my question of the day: