Strengthen & Tone

The more vigorous side of Yoga


This style of yoga is a very vigorous and active form of yoga and is perfect for those who have already attained an intermediate to advanced level of fitness. Sometimes referred to as Vinyasa Yoga, or Flow Yoga, this class moves at a faster pace and typically covers some of the more challenging asana (postures). This class will strengthen all areas of the body, toning the muscles, and boosting the body’s metabolism. Pranayama (breath control) and correct body movement and alignment are the key focus of this program.


Although this class is designed to be challenging, options will be offered to take the poses down a notch to keep them comfortable for those new to the strengthening aspects of yoga. It is safe for students newer to yoga, however, students suffering from injuries or illnesses may not be suited to these classes, so please give us a call or send us and email in advance to see if this class is for you!