The One on One Attention You Deserve!


                Students attend private lesson for various reasons. Some students prefer some one-on-one time to get ready and build confidence before enrolling in our regular classes. Other students are seeking an in depth exploration of their unique needs for alignment and posture within their regular practice. Many students just simply enjoy the benefit of assisted stretching. However, most private lesson students are those needing special care based on specific injuries or illnesses which they are working through. These lessons allow students who are otherwise unable to participate in regular classes to progress along monitored and individually tailored paths of personal progress. These individually customized programs are ideal for students worksing through various injuries or health conditions. Assisted, one-on-one techniques can allow for more support, less strain, and a customized approach to keep students safe and progressing at a rate that works for their body.

Whatever  your reasons for wanting to attend private lessons are, you will find that they are a wonderful way to get the extra care and attention you deserve! Lesson times and availability are limited, and we appologize for that! All cancellations require 24 hour notice. Please call or email us anytime to find out more about our private lessons and teachers who offer them.