Therapy Ball Workshop


Spinal Awakening & Myofascial Release

Decompress the discs of the spine, release tension from the back muscles, increase spinal mobility,and decrease connective tissue restrictions, all through the use of the amazing Miracle Balls. This class will lead you into therapeutic bliss!



Alignment Workshop


Biomechanical Alignment refers to the alignment of the body’s bones and joints in relation to one another. Many injuries, aches, and pains take hold when this natural central alignment is out of balance, including afflictions of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. Correct alignment is the most critical aspect to maintaining the health and longevity of the entire body, and this workshop will show you how to get yourself back into your postural best!

Raw Food Workshops


Did you know that every seven years you will be living in a completely new body? There are billions of new cells being created every day in our body. So, where does the matter to create these new cells come from? It comes in the form of the food we eat! These classes will teach the biochemistry of how food is processed in the body, and the difference between the utilization of living enzymes, compared to the chemical alteration that occurs from the cooking or processing of food. Each session will teach numerous delicious recipies that will show you just how amazing raw food can taste!

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