Sun. Oct.21st, 2018  -  1:30 - 3:30 pm

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Empathic? You are not alone … literally!

Do you feel your energy being sucked out of you by other people? Do you have trouble knowing what’s yours and what might be someone else’s emotions or feelings?

Learn the basics of how to strengthen your energetic boundaries and recognize what is energetically yours.

This workshop will discuss the basic elements of Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ in context to our energetic Biofield and its boundaries.

You will practice ‘noticing’ your Biofield (the energy coming from your body) as well as learn basic self-regulation techniques. There will be time for sharing experiences and Q & A.

This workshop is specifically valuable for those involved in the helping & healing professions including healthcare professionals, first responders, care givers and body workers.

What is AIEH

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ is a full-spectrum therapeutic practice aimed at supporting whole person well-being. AIEH™ integrates consciousness-based Integral Yoga psychology, somatic physiology, awareness dialogue, Biofield theory and modern western science. The goal is to empower individuals to re-pattern their energetic Biofield, to build resilience and support well-resourced self-care and coping strategies. Teaching ways to calm the nervous system through strengthening self-regulation is also part of this practice.





Exercises in this Workshop Include:

Oscillatory self regulation


Get familiar with the edges of your energetic boundaries

Mindfulness: the art of noticing and how does that feel in your body (get to know what is yours and not yours)

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing is grounded in Theory:

·        Integral Yogic Psychology (A.Ghose)

·        Biofield Theory (Brennan, Oschman)

·        Somatic Physiology (Levine, Scaer, Vander Kolk, Rothschild & Doig)

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Kate Shelest:

is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Nursing Science from the University of Victoria, practicing since 1986. She received her certification in Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ from Langara College in 2015 and has been seeing clients at Sage River Wellness for 3 years. She is currently working on her MA in Integral Health.




Kate Shelest RN BSN CAIEHP


Although we don’t need to be ‘labelled’ as and empath to feel the impact of the energy around us, there is literature specific to ‘empathic’ individuals that describes how energetic boundaries play an important role in our ability to be balanced and well.

What Is an Empath?

In context to personal and therapeutic relationships, Rogers (1975) gives a general definition of ‘empathy’ as being an active attempt to understand another’s perceptions, feelings and points of view completely from the other’s perspective, without judgement and with sensitive understanding.

In context to subtle energy systems (Biofield) and energetic boundaries, an empath, as described by Alex Myles (2016, p. 2) is “highly sensitive to the energy that emanates from everything that exists in the universe”. He discusses how empaths such as himself “both voluntarily and involuntarily tap into other people’s experiences and objectively perceive and interact with them” as if they were their own. This may cause confusion if an empath isn’t able to distinguish between others’ and their own “energetic vibration or ‘signature.’” (p. 1). Myles (2016) describes the difficulty this poses for an empath by stating:

If we are not aware of our abilities or do not understand how to utilize them, we may lose sight of who we are and the connection to our inner self, and suffer incredibly for it. We feel the world around us at such high intensity that we can become immersed in the chaos, not knowing which energy belongs to us, and what belongs to other people. (p. 2)

Orloff ((2017) expands on this observation by describing how an empath may manifest others’ vibrations as their own symptoms of illness. Picking up “empathic illnesses” (p. 2) may aggravate pre-existing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues for the empath. “Because conventional medicine does not believe in the existence of the body’s subtle energy system, most doctors have no context for understanding what’s going on with empaths or how to relieve their suffering” (Orloff, 2017, p. 2). This raises the question of how empaths can be supported to develop awareness of self, strengthen boundaries and process or remove energies they have picked up from others.

Barbara Brennan (1993) also discusses how “extremely negative harsh interactions can wreak havoc in the auric field and leave people the job of repairing themselves afterward” (p.204). For an empathic client who possesses a porous and weakened energetic boundary, the results of these interactions can be devastating.



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