Once the body and its various tense areas have begun to relax, and once the mind has become connected to the nature of the inner world, we find that our bodies begin to heal and we experience relief and enthusiasm. Many students begin their yoga journey in our Therapeutic Yoga classes, but once they have mastered the necessary first steps of the path, they are ready to incorporate the next part of their path, strength. 

The body requires first and foremost the ability to relax and switch off its stress response. If the stress response is active, then all of the needed functions which control rejenation and repair in your body are turned off. As we learn to relax, we learn to activate the internal cycle that allows our body to repair tissues, rejuvenate energy reserves, and fortify against invaders and illnesses. This part of the journey requires a deep relationship with the breath, a solid mind / body connection, and an ability to release the restricted areas of the body. These are the skills you will develop in our Therapeutic Yoga classes.

However, at a certain point of any healing path we are ready for a necessary balancing element to our relaxation and flexibility - strength. The body requires both flexibility and strength, softness and hardness, yin and yang. Once the body begins to feel healthy and happy again, it now has the needed energy to build the strength and stability which is necessary in supporting the biomechanical alignment of our body and its movements. 

This Therapeutic Strengthening class will teach you to build up the strength of your body at a rate which is gentle and safe for students with most injuries or health conditions. Our senior instructors who offer this program will help you to discover new patterns for your body that will help to create a solid foundation of strength, posture and joint stability.  Many modifications and props are offered to help each student find the methods most suited to their individual needs and bodies.

If you have injuries or areas of concern, please contact us prior to class to discuss if this class is suited to you.