The Gentle Path to Self-Repair

Discover the amazing benefits of a Therapeutic Practice!


Therapeutic Yoga is a very gentle and restorative style of yoga, focusing on deep stretching and healing. It is wonderful for reducing stress and anxiety, relaxing the body, and calming the mind. Students suffering from depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, hyper-tension, or high blood pressure generally experience a dramatic improvement in just a short time in these classes. This style of yoga is designed to help improve the health of the back, joints, and muscles, as well as the internal organs and systems of the body. This is a class that is safe for most types of injuries and health conditions, and allows student who need to be gentle with their body an option to create healthy and safe movement in the tissue, without the risk of a more vigorous class.


There are many reasons that students attend these classes, and our highly trained instructors will base each class around the needs of all students in attendance. We do accept drop-ins for these classes; however, if you have a severe injury or illness, please call us in advance to discuss your condition before coming in. As this is a very specialized type of class, it is important that our instructors are aware in advance of any conditions you may have so they may prepare any props or special alterations necessary to make class safe for you!

In the case of more severe injuries, joint replacements, or for post-surgery conditions, we may insist on doing one or more private lessons before allowing a student into the regular group classes. Our main priority is the safety of all our students, and we will not take any risks or cut any corners in our programs. 

Please call or email us today to see if this program is suited for you. It is always an honour and gift to us to share in this path with students looking to find their way to health and balance!