Experience the world of possibility and mobility created through the use of a few therapy balls, rollers,  and gravity. Join us each week as we explore different areas of the body and learn new techniques to find the knots and kinks and work them out through a repertoire of decompression, massage, and fascial release.

Spinal decompression:

The curvature of the spine waving through our body provides us shock absorption, balance, and versatility in motion. The modern condition commonly known as ‘The Chair’ has left many of our spines curved in the wrong direction, leading to an entire array of injuries and health related problems. Through the use of a small air-filled ball we will learn to decompress, realign, and remobilized our curves back into their optimum shape.

Myofascial Release:

‘Myofascia’ refers specifically to the fascia which surrounds all of our muscle tissue, tendons, and ligaments. A key component in the healthy movement of fascia is water. Our bodies are 75% water, and much of this volume is contained within the interstitial of our fascial web, providing the lubrication which allows tissues to move around freely. When water is restricted to an area of our tissue, it gets sticky and forms adhesions, restrictions, and pain. The action of rolling, especially when done with the correct tool, melts down our restrictions and restores healthy water flow through, in turn allowing for increased blood flow and healing to the surrounding tissues.

This class is gentle and safe for most injuries and health conditions. Our therapists are highly experienced with a solid understanding of the human body and its many possible conditions. They will offer options specific to all different needs and will make sure you are safe. Special considerations need to be made in cases of any bulging or herniated discs, malignancy, osteomyelitis, severe inflammatory conditions, sensitive diabetes, anti-coagulant therapy, osteoporosis, acute rheumatoid arthritis, systemic or localized infection, circulatory conditions such as edema or hematoma, open wounds, stitches, or fractures. Feel free to contact us if you have the above conditions and would like to attend this class.

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