Come experience the amazing world of possibility created by a pair of various sized Therapy Balls and other rolling tools! These classes will take you on a journey which will decompress the discs of your spine, massage and release tight areas through the musculature of your body, increase your spinal mobility, and decrease any fascial (connective tissue) restrictions.

Our bodies are made of 75% water. Water struggles to flow through tissues that are too tight or restricted. The action of rolling creates a release in the 'stuck' tissues and allows our water to pass through again, detoxing our tissues and allowing fresh blood oxygen and nutrients back into the areas that need them the most! 

Class topics will vary from day to day and will circulate to cover all areas of the body. As we work through the various decompression, massage, and fascial release techniques with our therapy balls, we will offer many options to make the techniques more gentle or more difficult. This will allow you to customize your class to exactly meet the needs of your unique body. 

Although this class is gentle and safe for many injuries, if you have anything very sensitive going on we would recommend you speak to one of our instructors before attending your first class. Special considerations need to be made if you have any bulging or herniated discs, malignancy, osteomyelitis, severe inflammatory conditions, sensitive diabetes, anti-coagulant therapy, osteoporosis, acute rheumatoid arthritis, systemic or localized infection, circulatory conditions such as edema or hematoma, open wounds, stitches, or fractures.