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Meet our Team: Robin Kauhane - RYT200, CWYT200

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

My yoga therapeutic journey began 5 years ago when I woke up one morning and was suddenly not able to walk on my left leg. I could not walk, sit or stand for 12 days and all I could do was lay still or crawl myself to the washroom. I was motivated to get better so I tried numerous healing approaches and disciplines to try and get help figuring out what was going on and why I was in so much pain. It was meeting Erin & discovering CWY's Therapeutic Yoga program that got me walking again! Ever since I have been rehabilitating my body as I continue to be amazed at the incredible healing powers of yoga. I do therapeutics every single day and it is my way of life now and forever. I was honored to be invited to join Erin’s team and I began teaching about a year before the pandemic began. I am very grateful to Erin for saving my life and for trusting me to share these same gifts with the CWY community!


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