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Therapy Ball Workshop w/ Erin Jacob - Sat. Oct. 22nd

Spinal Decompression & Myofascial Release

Sat. Oct. 22nd, 2:00-4:00pm

Join Erin Jacob on this journey of self-care as we explore gentle spinal decompression, fascial release and hydration, tissue detox, and self-massage using a variety of therapy balls and rollers which help to work out our body's knots and kinks while mobilizing our joints and releasing our tension and pain. This month we'll be focusing on our Shoulders, Ribs, and Neck!

Rolling practice targets our non-contractive tissues, specifically our fascia, by stressing them in an appropriate way and causing them to respond by creating strengthening collagen fibers within themselves. The friction and tissue movements we experience from rolling help to work water through any areas where our fascia has become damaged or dehydrated. This works to release adhesions and muscle contractions, rehydrating and restoring blood flow, and liberating our tissue from outside to in!

This class is gentle and safe for most injuries and health conditions. Our therapists are highly experienced with a solid understanding of the human body and its many possible conditions. They will offer options specific to all different needs and will make sure you are safe.

Special considerations need to be made in cases of any bulging or herniated discs, malignancy, osteomyelitis, severe inflammatory conditions, sensitive diabetes, anticoagulant therapy, osteoporosis, acute rheumatoid arthritis, systemic or localized infection, circulatory conditions such as edema or hematoma, open wounds, stitches, or fractures. Feel free to contact us if you have the above conditions and would like to attend this class.


Investment in Yourself: $50.00

Space is limited so please register early to avoid disappointment!

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