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What are Private Lessons?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

The One-on-One Attention You Deserve!

Students attend private lesson for a wide variety of reasons. Some prefer a bit of one-on-one time to build confidence before enrolling in regular classes, others are seeking awareness and improvement of their alignment and posture in yoga and in life, and many just simply enjoy the benefit of an individualized approach to assisted stretching.

Our most regular attendees for private lessons however, are usually people seeking our Yoga Therapy program. Private Yoga Therapy sessions offer those needing special care based on injuries, health conditions, or illness the individualized, holistic care they deserve. Modern research is showing us time and again that the body is not the simple machine we once believed it to be. Physical, mental, emotional, social, biological, and psychological elements blend together to create the full spectrum of human experience, and as such Yoga Therapy takes a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to whole person healing. The field of Yoga Therapy is gaining fast momentum as research continues to pile up regarding its efficacy for therapeutic care in a wide range of populations. Maybe it's time to see what a Private Yoga Therapy session can do for you?

Please note that our private lesson availability is limited and we appologize for that! Where one can get a certificate to teach regular yoga in a 4 week course in Bali or Costa Rica, it takes years of training to become a yoga therapist with no participation certificates handed out. Our yoga therapists are highly trained and in high demand!

If you would like to book a private lesson please just email us at and we'll be happy to show you what appointments we have available coming up!

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