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Virtual Attendance

Virtual - Spinal Decompression Class

Special Pop-Up Class

Class Details:

They say we’re only as young as our spine! So how does your spine feel these days? One of nature’s most incredible structures, the human spine has evolved over millions of years to be perfectly adapted for upright movement, force and pressure absorption, and a balance of stability and mobility within the field of Earth’s gravitational pull. If properly cared for, a healthy spine will keep our body youthful and capable well into our elder years. However, modern humanity is currently experiencing spinal degeneration, damage, and pain at a rate never before seen in history! Whether your back pain is caused by sitting to much, postural imbalances, injury, impact, or surgery, this class will help you understand where your spine is out of balance and will teach you techniques to decompress, rebalance, and restore the space and lubrication needed for healthy and happy spinal movement and support!

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