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Virtual Ribcage Release Class

Special Pop-Up Class

Class Details:

Historically, therapists have always assessed the function of the thoracic spine separately from the function of the ribs, however, in reality we can not separate the health and movement options of one without considering the other. In fact, the movement capacity of our ribcage affects every part of our body from our head down to our toes. In this class we explore our ribcage and learn how to increase mobility where our ribs meet our spine, loosen the tissues that support it through our thorax and chest, and explore some 'hidden culprits' of the ribcage which are often silently contributing to neck pain & headaches, shoulder injuries, shortness of breath, and/or a lack of rotational capacity in the body. If you experience unresolved pain in your back, pelvis, or neck, if you have trouble taking a deep breath, or if you participate in 'rotational sports' such as golf, baseball, hockey, or tennis and are looking to improve your game, this class is for you!

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