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Virtual Attendance

Virtual Therapeutic Mobility

Cultivating healthy movement patterns through mindfulness

Class Details:

This mindfulness and mobility class is for individuals who wish to increase their body awareness and range of motion. Mobility is the ability to move freely and easily and in order for this to happen, many elements of our body and mind must co-ordinate as a fluent whole. Core, stability, flexibility, focus, and mindfulness combine to bring us greater awareness of ourselves and our movement options. The exercises and drills in this class are taught in a way that encourages connection from mind to the body, and the body to the self. Join Devon French every Monday morning or Wednesday evening for 3 different class topics. These can be attended individually, or, maximize your time and enjoy them back-to-back for a full embodied experience! Therapeutic Mobility: Shoulders - Monday's at 9:00 am PST This Shoulder focused class is for those who may have built up neck and upper back tension. As well as for those who may be looking to develop upper body strength and mobility. Therapeutic Mobility: Hips & SI Joints - Monday's at 10:15 am This Hip & SI Joint focused class is meant to help increase hip range of motion, relieve low back tension, and improve SI joint function. This class is also great for creating end-range stability in the hips, for those who may be super flexible from yoga. Therapeutic Mobility: Patterns - Wednesdays at 6:00pm Patterns are where it all begins, anyone of any experience can show up to this class! The name of the game is to keep things simple, yet not easy you can expect to work hard without feeling overwhelmed.  Patterns will be repeated so much that they become part of how you move through the world.

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