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Virtual - Neck Repair Class

Special Pop-Up Class

Class Details:

Do you get neck pain? Headaches? Jaw stiffness? Pain in the top of your shoulders, or between your shoulder blades? If your answer is yes, this class is for you! With over 20 different muscles, 6 major ligaments, and the 7 most flexible vertebrae in your spine, the neck represents a highly evolved and extremely versatile movement structure. However, as it sits at the top of the structure of your body, it also represents the area most highly affected by posture, injury, misalignment, and compensation. They say that 1 mm of misalignment at the foot can cause up to an inch of misalignment at your neck! In this class we will stretch and repair the fascia of our 20 something neck muscles, learn to release common trigger points for pain, headaches, and jaw tension, AND we will learn how to help our neck improve it's alignment by addressing key areas below the neck that most affect it's ability to find balance and ease of movement in it's position at the top of the body supporting our head!

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