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The Pelvic Floor Class

The Pelvic Floor Class

Our pelvic floor musculatures are some of the least talked about tissues in the body, but in reality, they control so much of what it means to be strong, mobile, and in support of healthy organ activity. When our pelvic floor muscles are healthy, strong, and well connected, we experience a sense of vitality and ease of movement that allows us to explore life to it's fullest. When our pelvic floor muscles are weak, chronically engaged, or disconnected from our conscious control, we can experience a very large number of associated health conditions from incontinence and prolapse, to reproductive organ issues, low libido and self-esteem, a decline in sexual stamina, as well as kidney stones, bladder infections and holding issues, infertility, lower back and hip pain, pelvic misalignment, and digestive issues, to name a few. In fact, our pelvic floor musculature is some of the most important muscle action in the body! But what is the pelvic floor? Where is the pelvic diaphragm and how does it work? How is it different from the perineum and other tissue that are often confused with the pelvic diaphragm? What is the best way to exercise this area? Come explore these answers, explore the unknown zones of your body, and learn the ancient yogic technique of Mula Bandha - yoga's great secret to keeping our pelvic floor active, adaptable, and ready to support our vitality at all ages and stages of life! **Please note that this class is not only safe for pregnancy, but highly recommended for it**
Spinal Health Class
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