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Virtual Attendance

Virtual Therapeutic Repair

A gentle approach to self-healing and self-care through yoga therapy. Every Wednesday - 9:30-10:45am

Class Details:

A physiology-based, evidence-informed approach to Therapeutic Care. By its very definition, yoga is inherently a therapeutic practice. It helps to heal and rebalance afflictions of the body, the mind, and the energetic / emotional self. Ultimately, the overall health of your body boils down to how efficiently your body is able to repair itself, and how well it is able to cope with the stressors you experience every day. The health of the body affects the health of our mind, emotions, and vitality. Experiences like stress, pain, compensation, misalignment, and incorrect breathing can all get in the way of our natural process of restoration and repair. This class offers a gentle approach to healing with the introduction of healthier breathing, mindfulness, stretching, decompression, and fascial care techniques to repattern and restore the innate healing processes available in each of us. All healing is self-healing, and this class is designed to teach you the skills you need to become empowered in your own inherent healing wisdom. Topics covered in these classes: - Joint Repair and Mobility - Spinal Decompression - Fascial Care & Hydration - Healthy Breath Patterning - Reducing Inflammation - Improving Neurological Functions - Building Stress Resiliency and Self-Compassion - Improving organ health and function This program is trauma-informed and safe for most injuries and health conditions. Our CWY teachers have many years of experience and have all received special training to help keep students safe as they learn to understand, support, and adjust for their body’s individual needs. Here are some examples of the kinds of conditions students seeking our Therapeutic Repair series have found help with: - Motor Vehicle Accidents - Sports or incidental injuries - Pre and Post Surgery Care - Spinal Injuries, Conditions, or Pain - Joint Injuries or Degeneration - Arthritis - Heart Conditions or High Blood Pressure - Digestive Conditions - Diabetes - Auto-Immune Conditions - Immunodeficiency - Trauma - Respiratory Conditions such as asthma, COPD, and others. - Post Stroke Care - Chronic Pain - Inflammation - Multiple Sclerosis - Fibromyalgia - Chronic Fatigue - Depression - Anxiety & Stress - Grief - Addictions - Or just those who want a proactive approach to self-care If you have a rare condition or a more severe injury please feel free to contact us in advance, we'd love to hear your story and discuss how yoga might help!

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