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What Supplies do I need for my Virtual Yoga Class?

Updated: Feb 8

Depending on the type of class and the needs of the individual person, props may vary from class to class. We’ve broken down options for the gear needed in our programs into two categories; critical gear, and secondary gear.

Critical Gear:

  • Yoga Mat

    • You can get a basic yoga mat just about anywhere. Look online, check out Winners, or stop buy Sport Check to see what they have!

  • Miracle Balls

    • You can substitute with a rolled-up blanket or yoga mat, but we recommend treating yourself to the real thing for the best effect!

    • Type in 'The Miracle Ball Method Elaine Patrone' in Amazon or a google search. These are often offered in the Books section as they come with a book. Be sure to order the Paperback Edition on Amazon, not the Kindle Edition (or else you'll only get the book and no balls!)

  • 2 Yoga Blocks

    • These come in 3 or 4 inch thicknesses and both are great. Type in 'Yoga Block' on Amazon, or check out Half Moon Yoga Props, Winners, or a sporting store.

  • Blanket or 2

    • A few bath towels can serve well here.

  • Strap

    • Substitute with the belt of your housecoat, a piece of rope, or a scarf

Secondary Gear:

  • Yoga Bolster

    • This is one of the most expensive props and can be substituted with a couple of big pillows. Check out Half Moon Yoga Props, or look on Amazon.

  • Tune-Up Balls

    • Type in 'Yoga Tune Up Balls in Tote' on amazon, or order directly HERE.

    • Substitute with 2 tennis balls or 2 lacrosse balls, a sock, and a rubber band. Sometimes we use a single ball, sometimes we'll put them in the sock together and tie it closed)

  • Rad Rod

    • Optional but amazing! You can sub with a dough rolling pin, a wooden dowel, or any kind of therapy ball.

    • Order direct HERE.

  • 1’ piece of 1.5” thick Wooden Dowel

    • You can buy this for a couple of dollars at any hardware store

    • Substitute with a tennis ball or a tune-up ball.

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