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What Supplies do I need for my Virtual Yoga Class?

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Depending on the type of class and the needs of the individual person, props may vary from class to class. We’ve broken down options for the gear needed in our programs into two categories; critical gear, and secondary gear.

Critical Gear:

  • Yoga Mat

  • Miracle Balls (you can substitute with a rolled-up blanket, but we recommend treating yourself to the real thing for the best effect!)

  • 2 Yoga Blocks

  • Blanket or 2 (Even a few bath towels can serve well here)

  • Strap (which can also be substituted with any number of household items)

Secondary Gear:

  • Bolster

  • Tune-Up Balls (substitute with 2 tennis balls or 2 lacrosse balls, a sock, and a rubber band. Sometimes we use a single ball, sometimes we'll put them in the sock together and tie it closed)

  • Rad Rod (optional but amazing! You can sub with a dough rolling pin, a wooden dowel, or any kind of therapy ball)

  • 1’ piece of 1.5” thick Wooden Dowel (sub with a tennis ball or a tune-up ball).

We’ve sourced our selection of favorites from years of trial and error to find effective, durable, and reasonably priced products. We recognize not everyone may be able to purchase a lot of gear all at once, so we recommend starting with your critical gear from top to bottom, and add in the secondary gear as you can.

If you live local, we carry the top available gear on the market at our studio and it's available for pick up any time:

  • Miracle Balls - $40

  • Tune Up Balls - $34

  • Rad Rod - $50

  • Bolster - $130

  • 3" Block - $17

  • 4" Block - $22

  • Neck Bolster - $45

  • Lavendar Relaxation Eye Pillow - $10

To place an order for pick-up, please just message to arrange your total and pick-up date!

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