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A private group for members of the CWY Yoga on Demand Video Library (LEARN MORE). This group forum allows you to ask questions about yoga, asana, philosophy, and most importantly, about how to adjust your practice to meet the needs of your unique body.

Here you can post questions directly to Erin and gain the insights you need to personalize your practice, keep your injuries safe, understand any pain or strange sensations you might experience during practice, or learn more about options, props, and alignment to help make your home yoga practice more effective.

You can ask questions about specific episodes by naming the episode and time stamp of any posture or technique, or, you can keep it general and ask about anything at all! You'll be able to see questions from other members and Erin's responses to them, and you'll also be able to chat with other members of the community, share pictures, ideas, inspirations and more.

This community hub is designed to bring the value of in-person instruction directly to your home at a fraction of the price!


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  • August 31, 2023


  • Erin Jacob

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