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What is the Yoga on Demand Video Library, and how do I gain access?

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

The Yoga on Demand Video Library is a great new subscription available at Centered Within Yoga. This library hosts a collection of pre-recorded yoga classes on a variety of topics for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere, on-demand!

Topics Include:

  • Therapeutic Yoga Programs: therapeutic care programs covering a range of body and mind-related topics.

  • Breathing Programs: better breathing is better living and versatility is the key. These instructional breathing videos will help you explore safe techniques for breath liberation!

  • Meditation: Learn to calm the busyness of your mind, create space for new beliefs and possibilities, improve your focus and concentration, and reduce your stress.

  • Hatha Yoga: From gentle to vigorous with a variety of topics, you’ll be able to find the workout best suited to your needs!

  • Core Programs: to keep you fit and toned, inside and out!

Choose what you need any time of the day or night as it works for your schedule and your mood. Wellness has never been so convenient!

Month-by-month subscription - $15/m (cancel any time)

Annual Subscription - $10/m (1-year subscription, billed monthly)

To subscribe, visit our Membership section, scroll to the bottom of the list, and you'll see both the monthly and annual subscription options.

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