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What is Stress Resiliency, and why is it important for me?

Do you ever feel like life is out of control with so many pressures coming from all sides that you feel overwhelmed almost to the point feeling stuck and out of options? Do you wake up feeling anxious or unenthused about your day? Do you tend to worry a lot about things or carry around an uneasy feeling in your heart? Does your day to day life feel like it’s riddled with stress that you can’t run away from?

If this sounds like you, than chances are you’ve got a nervous system which is out of balance and a stress response which is over active and wound up out of your control! Well friends, if this is the case, I’m happy to inform you that you can change it! That’s right! As modern research progresses we’re starting to realize that we CAN indeed affect our own nervous system and that there are some simple techniques using mindfulness (training for your thoughts) with breathing (which has been shown to have a profound effect on our Nervous System), and gentle movements (to connect and ground you into the moment) that can alter your stress habits and have a profound effect on physical, mental, and emotional health.

Realistically, life without stress is unlikely. When Buddists tell us that ‘life is suffering’ they are referring to the universality of the stress experience of living as an embodied being. If we live a life devoid of stressors we would lack the needed ingredients for growth, personal development, and healthy adaptation. Our goal needs to be to have a better relationship to our stress and anxiety, honoring and balancing them so that they don’t run our lives and limit our options. Instead, we must learn to control our reactions and responses to the stressors in our life and to learn to cope with them and transform them into opportunities for fulfillment and growth. This is what it means to be stress resilient, and studies have shown that the worlds most successful and happy people on the planet are usually highly resilient individuals.

Yoga has been proven time and time again as one of the most effective tools for empowering people to gain control of their stress, to become more resilient, and to repattern our inner reality back to a place of vibrant and enthusiastic health! All of the Centered Within Yoga classes have this aim in mind, but we are one of the few schools who offers a specialized program targeted to this goal, our Therapeutic Mindfulness class! Join Nicole Von Chorus every Monday evening and learn techniques informed by the newest evidence based techniques in understanding Trauma Theory, Polyvagal Theory, Self-Compassion, and mindfulness to transform your stress and thus, your life!

Virtual Therapeutic Mindfulness w/ Nicole – Every Monday – 8-9 pm

This class is online via Zoom so you can join from the comfort and safety of your own home and get doing the work to make 2022 a year of personal transformation and growth!

In-Person Therapeutic Mindfulness w/PJ – Every 2nd Sunday – 10:30-11:30am

This class is held at the TreeRoot Gallery & Studios, Maple Ridge, BC – LEARN MORE

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