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What type of Yoga Class is best for ME?

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Not all yoga classes are the same, and choosing the best class for your needs depends largely on your goals and current state of health. We offer a variety of yoga classes targetted to meet students where they're at and to help them find a healthy and realistic progression towards healing and their goals.


Are you new to yoga and looking for a gentle and highly accessible start? Do you have a mild to severe injury or health condition? Are you experiencing stress or mental health-related symptoms or conditions?

In this case, we would recommend our Therapeutic Yoga Classes. They are gentle, restorative, and designed to provide support to all the healing processes of the body. These classes are taught by highly trained Yoga Therapists who understand anatomy and physiology, are trauma informed, and have extremely high levels of experience working with students who are injured or unwell. Learn more about our Therapeutic Yoga Classes.


Do high-intensity workouts scare you? Are you looking to learn more about correct techniques and alignment for healthy body movement and stability? Are you healing from a mild to moderate injury or health condition and are looking for a safe class to explore gentle strengthening?

Maybe you'd like to try one of our Therapeutic Strengthening Classes. Foundation, stability, core, biomechanics, and integrated movement are the themes to expect in these challenging yet accessible classes. This class teaches us to respect our injuries or misalignments, and learn ways to support their return to strength, mobility, and health. Learn more about Therapeutic Strengthening Classes.


Are you relatively injury-free (or managed) and looking to get moving more? Do you like a class which combines movement with breathing and offers a blend of stretching, gentle strengthening, and Core awareness? Are you looking to build healthy functional movement patterns?

You may be ready to check out a Gentle Hatha Yoga Class which offers a gentle flow to integrate mind, body, and breath. Learn mindful movement with correct biomechanical alignment, understand breath roles and options during movement, and enjoy a blend of gentle strengthening and deep stretching techniques to keep your whole self healthy and free. Learn more about Gentle Hatha Here.


Looking for the next-level challenge? Want to develop your strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility? Do you like an efficient flow class which offers options from beginner to advanced? Do you love a good Core Workout?

Then Hatha yoga is for you! Expect a good workout and a healthy challenge to your core and butt as this class is the perfect remedy for the modern sedated lifestyle of chair sitting and screen watching. Your body was designed to move and to work, and this class will teach you how to do both with efficiency, awareness, and breath. Learn more about Hatha Yoga Here.


Are looking for a relaxing class for improving flexibility, the health of your tissues, joints, and ligaments? Do you love to go for a good massage? Do you enjoy (or maybe just need) long holds of gentle stretches? Would you like to breathe better and learn to calm your nervous system and mind?

Check out our Yin & Therapy Ball class. This unique 2-hour class offers a complete care package for your joints, ligaments, and fascia. In this class, massage therapy meets long-hold stretching, targetting our body’s non-contractile tissues, hydrating our fascia, removing adhesions, and teaching us the lost art of relaxation. This class improves flexibility and mobility and restores our nervous system back to a place of rest and rejuvenation. Learn more about Yin & Therapy Ball Class.


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